wine wednesday: pronunciation

PICK OF THE WEEK: 2014 “Acra Nova Vihno Verde” @ $10. Available in store at Silver Lake Wine or online via various outlets

Perfect for:

  • hot weather
  • grilled fish/seafood
  • people who like dry, light whites
  • those who like white wine spritzers
  • folks who are willing to give sparkling another go (I know, you might have had a night of celebrating that swore you off bubbly, this is only “slightly bubbly”)
  • porches, beaches, lounging by the pool (give me a big floppy hat and a straw please!!)

And because my green marker was a little light, here are the wines listed phonetically too!

Viognier: vee oh nyay

Vinho Verde: VEEN yo VAIRD

Verdicchio: ver DEE key oh

Spatlese: SHPATE lay seh

Semillon: seh me yohn

Pinot Bianco: pee noh bee AHNK coh

Pinot Blanc: pee noh blahnk

Pinot Grigio: pee noh GREE joe

Pinot Gris: pee noh gree

Pinot Noir: pee noh nwahr

Muscadet: moos cah det

Moet: moh ett

Gruner Veltliner: GREW ner VELT lee ner

Gewurtztraminer: geh VAIRTZ trah mee ner

Dolcetto: dohl CHET oh

Chenin Blanc: shen in blahnk

Chablis: shah blee

If I missed something you want to know how to pronounce, comment and I’ll tell you in the next video.



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