wine wednesday: beaujolais


In short, Beaujolais is a region in France and produces mainly a light red wine, made from Gamay (the wine’s varietal) grapes. I had mentioned this varietal before if you wanted to change up your Pinot Noir order!

As Wine Folly puts it: “Beaujolais is kind of like the smallest house in the fanciest neighborhood”. It is situated south of Burgundy, one of the “fanciest neighborhoods” in French wine-making.

image c/o Wine Folly
image c/o Wine Folly

Which is why I thought this region was a perfect start for getting to know French Wines. This region produces very approachable reds, perfect for this “fall transition” most of the country is in: it’s still hot hot hot but we want it to be cozy weather damnit!! Because this wine is low in tannins but high in acidity it is very easily sipped in warmer weather. It’s even recommended that the bottle be served slightly chilled.

Even better, most bottles of Beaujolais fall right around $10-$20 for the good stuff making me say “oui oui!!”

buying tIP:

There are three different levels of Beaujolais:

  1. Beaujolais “CRU”: aka the nicest stuff typically $20, smaller more controlled growing areas
  2. Beaujolais “VILLAGES”: aka mid-tier and the vineyards on the outskirts of the Cru wineries about $15 a bottle
  3. Beaujolais “AOC”: the biggest region encompassing the Cru and Village areas with bottles around $10-$12

Beaujolais “AOC” Pick:

2014 Domaine Dupeuble Père et Fils approx $12. An unfiltered light red with bright (aka high) acidity and low tannins. Serve lightly chilled with appetizers or BBQ!


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