the buzz: saltedeats

THE SLEEVE: Dinosaur Coffee 

Dinosaur Coffee is a relative newcomer to LA’s coffee scene, but it’s location, minimal decor and plentiful parking make this shop a great choice.  They also have kitschy mugs from FourBarrel roasters that help any work go by a bit easier. And who doesn’t love their little dino?! My GO-TO: dark roast in a mug, almond milk on the side.

THE BUZZ: SaltedEats

Confession: I am scared to cook chicken. And by scared I mean I haven’t done it much soooo I don’t really know how (and therefore think I can’t do it). So logical. But give me flour, eggs, sugar and I can bake all day.  Raw meat, not my forte.

Flashback to last week when I got an email from SaltedEats– LA’s newest meal delivery service- saying I had the option of cooking either tacos from Petty Cash or lemon chicken from Eveleigh. Wanting to get over my fear, I chose the “Simple Lemon Chicken with Greek Yogurt and Eggplant”- the “simple” sold me. Like other similar companies, they send all the ingredients pre-portioned, and you just need to supply the basics. Unlike other companies:

  • they have a video to accompany each dish AND it’s done by the restaurants chef
  • dishes are directly off the menu from LA’s best restos
  • you don’t have to set up a subscription
  • each meal is usually for ONE person (although there was a enough chicken for leftovers which was prime!)
  • ingredients are good for up to 5 days aka no pressure to cook that night
  • local LA ingredients
  • only available in LA (for now)


FullSizeRender 2

It was so simple…I will make that dish again solely to impress myself. Cheaper than a meal out, but with that “going-out” feeling. Two thumbs UP!FullSizeRender 3

If you’re in LA and want to order, use code “FIRST5” to get $5 off!

P.S. Check out their sister site SaltedTV– an online video cooking school that teaches the basics and more from top chefs across the country. You might just see a familiar face on the homepage 😉 salted homepage

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