the buzz: new fall tv

The sleeve: Cofax coffee

Cofax Coffee will always be near and dear to my heart. Not only do they have some of the best donuts in L.A. (Nicole Rucker you are a goddess) but their coffee is on point. Breakfast burritos are a must too and add the avocado, you can thank me later. Back to the coffee, this shop ain’t for doing work, they cheekily don’t have wifi and tell you to “pretend it’s the 90s” along with covering their outlets. Basically, this is your grab and go on Fairfax and will never disappoint.

MY ORDER: Iced Almond Milk Latte, because they shake it in a cocktail mixer so the almond milk is smooooth and creamy.

the buzz: fall’s top four to dvr (in order of air date)

image c/o NBC
This Is Us, airs Tuesdays at 10/9c, NBC

This Is Us caught me good. The pilot, which aired September 20th had a great twist and pulled on the heart strings. I’d expect nothing less from writer, Dan Fogelman, who managed to do the same thing in his film Crazy, Stupid, Love (won’t spoil if you haven’t seen it- but do that asap). Although it can be a little soap-y at times, it’s a missing piece to network TV and NBC hit the mark. Plus Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown on screen, sign me up!

image c/o Netflix
Easy, all episodes available September 22nd, Netflix

Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago, but anything that Joe Swanberg releases (Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas) I’m watching. Chicago-ness aside, Easy is a must watch. It’s sexy, it’s real, it’s fresh.  And because of the variety of characters, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t find one scenerio that was relatable to your life. Each episode follows a different romantically linked couple and their romance-or lack their of. Swanberg had the actors to improvise a lot, allowing each episode to feel like a stand alone piece…except once the 30 minutes are done I just want to watch the next one/want to know more about the couple. Hopefully there’s a second season in the works!

image c/o HBO
image c/o HBO
Westworld, Sunday October 2nd 9/8c, HBO

This series, a reboot from the 1973 cult classic movie, has been in the works for a while. When I started in my current acting class, we worked on the audition sides and that was in 2014! But good things take time, no? And Westworld is going to be g r e a t. TV needs a Sci-Fi hit and J.J. Abrams (Lost) along with Jonathan Nolan (Dark Knight, yes Chris’s bro) did just that, and then some. Evan Rachel Wood and Anthony Hopkins are at the helm of this futuristic theme park “Westworld” where people pay to view/interact with human-like robots: think Ex Machina meets The Truman Show meets Mr. Robot with an added element of a fast action video game. Bring on the plot twists.

image c/o IMDb
image c/o IMDb
Good Girls Revolt, episodes avail Friday October 28th, Amazon

Come October 28th, you can find me glued to my TV. Good Girls Revolt is based off Lynn Povich’s novel and takes place at the fictional News of the Week magazine during the 1960s.  I was able to preview the pilot, and it’s like Mad Men meets Newsroom meets The Hour (brilliant BBC show!) meets All the President’s Men but with women leading the way. A stellar and sexy cast of women fighting for their equal say/pay in the workplace, yes, yes yes!

Any other new shows you’re watching the Fall? Let me know!

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