wine wednesday: bloopers


Blogging from Midwest today! Happy to be back in the Windy City with family and friends. If you happen to be last minute wine shopping today (hi, typical me) here are some top notch picks to bring to all the parties this weekend…the magnum of bubbles will certainly be the star!

thanksgiving wine picks

Segura Vidas Brut Reserve Cava  Bubbles are always a good move, especially if you bring enough to share amongst the larger groups of holiday meals. Plus this bottle looks like it’s straight out of Game of Thrones and available at Costco!

2015 Occhipinti SP68 1.5 L Again, another magnum. Great call for larger groups. This Italian, Nero D’Avola is a crowd pleaser and smooth AF.

2014 Azelia Dolcett0 D’Alba Medium-bodied Italian with notes of leather, stewed cherries. It has a floral nose that won’t overpower the turkey and gravy. Plus at $15 per bottle you can stock on a few!

2015 Idlewild “The Bee” This Sonoma (what’s up domestic picks!) white blend is prodominately Italian white varietals. It’s balanced with notes of tropical fruits. Good to kick off the thanksgiving feast.

Thankful for all you reading up on wine with me! It’s been a fun journey and can’t wait to continue. CHEERS!

wine wednesday: côtes du rhône, france

As Fall weather starts to creep in everywhere else in the US besides LA, medium bodied reds are always a crowd pleaser. Most wines from the Côtes du Rhône region are red blend containing the varietals Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Usually the highest acclaimed CDR’s have the largest portion of the blend being Grenache; however, since up to 22 varietals are allowed in the blend, taste a bunch to figure out your own preference!

buying tips

image c/o Wine Folly

It’s all about reading the label! There’s even a “Level 4” version of CDR wines called “Cru” and those are the most expensive, like Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Long story short, the more specific the label the more expensive the bottle.

cÔtes du Rhône pick

$: 2014 Caves du Fournalet Côtes du Rhône: medium-light body, notes of strawberry and raspberry light tannins, great with food and under $10 from Trader Joes.

$$: 2014 Domaine La Manarine Côtes du Rhône: tart cherry and a spicy finish, this is a fab under $20 pick that is a great step up palatte wise from the Caves du Fournalet.


wine wednesday: labor day picks


With the long weekend ahead, it’s only fair to assume some drinking will take place. And if you’re headed to the beach, be sure to take your vino in one of these babies! The 750ml fits an entire bottle of wine minus the glass bottle.

slightly Bubbly white

2015 Espiral Vinho Verde- like less bubbly Lemon LaCroix plus the alcohol

French rosé

2014 J.L Quinson Côtes de Provence- all day

italian rosé

2014 Il Rose di Cassanova, Tuscany IT- dry crisp and different

crisp, refreshing white

2014 Antiche Terre Venete Soave, Verona IT-summer sipper

wine water bottle

Because glass at the beach is a no-go- more picks below!

Enjoy your weekend, and let me know your favorite summer/party picks!

whisk(e)y wednesday

I AM GOING TO SCOTLAND IN TWO WEEKS! Apologizes for the “internet shouting that is all-caps” but I could not be more thrilled. Not only will I traveling all over the country, but it’s for a job I booked: #workhardplayhard(er)

During my trip I will be posting, so stay tuned for travel posts filled with loads of green pictures and tartan. And, you can easily follow along daily on instagram using the hashtag #scottishfrecklegirl

Back to the booze! In honor of Scotch aka “Scotch Whisky” I thought it important to share some whisky facts.  It’s definitely an acquired taste, but like wine, depending on the barreling and grains used, whisky has a variety of flavors and aromas making it a diverse and fun spirit. Plus it warms ya up real quick.


What is Whisky? Simply, it’s a spirit made from distilled grain.

Why the variety in taste?  Distillation method, grain(s) used, additives to the grain mash and choice of aging barrel/cask and aging are all factors that produce its unique flavor.

Whisky or Whiskey? The Scots spell it “whisky” and the Irish spell it “whiskey”. Seeing as the Irish brought it over to America first, most American labels have the “e”. But both are correct!

Is Bourbon Whisky? Yes! All bourbon is whisky, but not all whisky is bourbon. To be a true bourbon, it must be made in Bourbon County, KT. It’s that whole “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square” idea.

Why is Scotch Whisky so “peaty”? Scotch gets a reputation of being an intense smoky-peaty-bearded-man-in-a-glass drink. A popular Scotch, Laphroig, may be to blame for its very peaty quality. That being said, the different regions of the country produce different flavors. Now, I don’t want to get into a “terroir” discussion (I’ll save that for another Wine Wednesday post) but in general, Highland Scotches are more “heather and honey OR full bodied”, Lowland Scotches are more “light bodied”, Speyside Scotches are more “complex with sweet aromas” and Islay Scotches are the “smokiest” sort.

Any must-dos/drink/sees while I’m abroad? Let me know!!

P.S. my favorite Scotch is Dalwhinne