wine wednesday: sweetbitter picks

Having just finished the book Sweetbitter, I thought it fitting to tie this week’s episode in with the novel.  Based on the narrator’s first time working in fine-dining, I related all to much to her story. From the “family” aspect a restaurant provides, to having one too many after your allotted shift drink, Danler struck a chord with my life. Not to mention her beautiful language describing all of the tastes, smells and words exchanged in a restaurant.

Here are my two recommendations:

DRY SHERRY: various approx $20 per bottle

Look for either fino or manzanilla sherry. Both styles are dry, crisp and have a nice saline quality. Perfect for before or after dinner. Serve chilled.

ROSE CREMENT: La Perle approx $26

A sparkling rose made from Pinot Noir grapes, this crement will always be one of my favorites, especially for its nostalgia…thank god I’ve moved on from being nostalgic about Busch Light (hi high school…well I’d still drink one for old times sake!) Serve chilled.

Has a book ever made you want a certain kind of drink or food? Let me know!!

wine wednesday: take me to Spain


I’ve been on a serious Vino Verde and Grenacha kick, so I figured “wine not share my other favorite Spanish wines?!” Puns intended. Sue me. I digress…but Spain is one of the largest producers of wine in the world. They have roughly 2.5million acres used for producing wine grapes! The US only has about 570,000 acres just to give a little reference. But without further ado, my picks, all available at Whole Foods.

CAVA: @8.99 MAS fi Brut (NV=non-vintage)

ALBARINO: @17.99 La Cana 2014 Rias Baixas, Spain

MENCIA: @18.99 Petalos 2013 Bierzo, Spain

Any other must try wines from Spain?! Let me know your recs!