donut discriminate

IMG_1234HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!! I can’t think of a more fitting day to publish my first post. True life: I loved donuts so much as a kid, I chose Krispy Kreme as my sixth grade class-project stock to invest in-my sweet tooth’s a b*tch and guides more choices in my life than I’ll admit…Anyway, as a proud owner of not one but two of the same light pink donut sweatshirts (sent by 2 different friends for my birthday this year) it’s safe to say that I know my way around a donut shop.  So without further ado:  a (not so) ordinary guide to LA’s Donuts. I figured why have a “best of” when all of LA’s shops are perfect for different cravings

*I donut discriminate*

Nearly Sexual Experience: Sidecar Doughnuts their cinnamon crumb is my favorite donut right now. Plus they bake them fresh hourly, so you’re guaranteed it served warm (prime)!

Sweet and Salty Fix: Cofax has a honey sea salt donut that is so freakin’ good it should be illegal. On top of that their breakfast burritos are bomb as hell- add the avocado.

2AM Cravings: SK’s Donuts for real went there earlier tonight for my donut fix. It’s cash only if the order is under $10, which is usually the case if you’re going solo.IMG_2488IMG_9834

When You Want a Cronut, but can’t Fly to NYC on a Whim: Kettle Glazed closest thing to the OG.

Old-School Vibes: Randy’s not only is their signage iconic, but they do all the classics very well.

Can’t Decide if You are Craving Fried Chicken or Donuts: Birdies LA holy hell this place was made in my dreams.  It’s also open 24/7l so if you find yourself craving a late-night bite in DTLA go here. Immediately. They also are home of a 24 karat donut for a cool $100.

You Want Ice Cream with Your Donut: ICDC serious sugar fix here- house made ice cream + donuts.

Your IG Feed is Lacking a Good Donut Pic: California Donuts these guys are insta famous! PlusIMG_2484 you can order custom letter donuts for events.

Gourmet and Boozy Flavors are your Jam: Blue Star makes all their dough (it takes 18 hours) in house and always have out of the box flavors.

Keepin’ it Klassic: Krispy Kreme klassier than a Kardashian, the OG glazed gets me every time.

P.S. I still have some LA spots on my list to try: Donut Man, HuckleBerry, Sycamore Kitchen, and Donut Friend!

What are your fav LA donut spots?? (other cities happily welcome too!)