wine wednesday: summer sips

Where did this year go?? I mean more than happy to welcome SUMMER but my God! I haven’t even made 4th of July plans yet (better get on that)…speaking of- if you’re doing something rad, I’ll happily provide the party with some fantastic summer-approved sips!

Anyway, besides rosé, you can likely find me sipping on:

summer wine


Like I said, usually a little more full bodied, these wines attain their orange-y hue because the winemakers leave the grape skins in contact with the juice for a limited amount of time (similar to the process of making rosé) They tend to be a little funkier and (in my humble opinion) more fun to sip than your average crisp PG or Sauv B. My favorite right now is THIS BABY (2016 Jolie-Laide Pinot Gris) from a really fun California winemaker!


Hellooooo easy-money-drinking! These effervescent wines go with everything: a tan, the beach, lobsta, sunsets, front porch swings and date nights. Fab on their own too, these are less bubbly than a traditional sparkling wine and are likely unfiltered (it’s ok you’ll live I promise–look at me, I had 2 glasses last night and live to tell the tale!) The rosé versions remind me of a yummy Italian soda, you know those Pelligrino ones? Only there’s alcohol wooohooo. PARTAY. I was drinking THIS or try THIS


THIS IS YOUR POWER PLAY!!!! Chill down your Pinot Noirs, Gamays, Grenaches, Sangioveses, Beaujolias..any light-medium bodied red can be served with a chill. Seriously refreshing AF. Perfect with grilled steaks and burgers. I was drinking THIS in my video, how can you say no to that simple label?!

Bottom line is: these are all easy drinking, mood lifting, fun vinos to bring to a BBQ, summer bash or open with friends (or yourself!). Any favorites? Share below in the comments!!

the buzz: win at 4th of July

THE SLEEVE: Blackwood Coffee

This newcomer on the border of West Hollywood and Hollywood has a LOT of promise. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, solid wifi and nice aesthetic. They serve food too! MY ORDER: Latin Coldbrew (Coldbrew with Horchata and Chocolate Bitters!)

THE BUZZ: Win Your 4th of July BBQ

July 4th is a favorite holiday of mine. It’s an excuse to spend the day outdoors with friends & family, eat yummy food and celebrate life. Plus fireworks, alcohol and some type of beach or pool. What more could you want in life? Little I say. However, here are my 5 go-tos to “win” as a guest/host this holiday weekend.



Firecracker pops, ice cream sammies, even otter pops will secure your place on best friend list.

FullSizeRender 6

Follow this recipe and you will be golden. I prefer a lemon, oil and vinegar situation on top of the grilled ‘choke, but come prepared with a mayo based dip as well.

FullSizeRender 7

So not technically food, but if you’re going to a BBQ with a pool, bring along a couple pool noodles or pool toys. You don’t have to spend a lot either! You can easily find these at a drugstore or 99 cent store!


If peaches are nectar from the Gods, burrata was destined to be their heavenly match.  Grab a couple of peaches, slice them up around a portion of burrata. Drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar if you wish and top with some sea salt. Add some prosciutto too!d Props if you grill peaches before serving.

image c/o community table
image c/o community table @amandawaas

I am a pickle lover.  Not only do they add a nice burst of saltiness/acid to any plate of BBQ, but the leftover juice is the perfect chaser for some whiskey. Hello homemade pickle-backs. True story, I am a proud member of the “Pickle Back Club” in Chapel Hill, NC. Check out this article for some craft pickle picks.

What are your BBQ/4th of July go-tos?!