bites of life: september

And just like that, we’re more than a week into October. Before it’s too far gone, here were some of my September highlights:

sweet: cake at proof bakery


This cake, known as “Gateau de Savoie” or commonly “the sponge cake with the whipped cream and blackberries” is heaven sent. Yes-yes, I do have a big sweet tooth so I do deem a lot of sweets amazing, BUT this takes the cake. Literally. It’s so damn light I felt like I was floating after I finished. Ok, maybe that was the combined caffeine and sugar buzz-but, if a slice is available snatch it immediately. Thank me later. @ProofBakeryLA

savory: Sen Chan Pen Pu, aka #18 at sapp coffee shop


Upon recommendation from my noodle-expert friend, Emily (@FoodLoversDiary) I made my way to Sapp Coffee Shop to try their famous noodles. She suggested the “Sen Chan Pen Pu” stir-fried noodles and I went to TOWN. The dish is so simple but flavorful AF: rice noodles, garlic, chili, egg and crab meat. Squeeze a little lime, request extra cilantro and all of your needs can go “bye-bye”.

drink: topo chico


Behold the next big thing in sparkling water, Topo Chico. And by next big thing I mean, this stuff is gaining popularity nearly as fast as LaCroix. AND it’s been around longer, since 1895 #hechoenmexico. I had my first while working a restaurant pop-up. The chef “popped” one of these open for me and I was hooked. Feeding my sparkling water addiction one bottle at a time!

restaurant:sapp coffee shop

HOLY $h*T, need to go back stat. As I mentioned above, their #18 was my favorite savory bite this month, but their #23 Drunken Noodles (flat noodles with ground beef, chili and garlic) came in close second. Yes, I ordered two noodle dishes all to myself. Sue me. The leftovers were- dare I say it- even better. Next up I’ll go for the Jade and Boat noodles, which are famed and Anthony Bourdain approved.

entertainment: the infinity mirrored room at the Broad, lA

fullsizerender-2 img_1118

This wasn’t my first time in the Infinity Mirrored Room, but it was my first solo trip. Last time I was in artist Yayoi Kusama’s piece was here. And I have to say, second time around was just as infatuating and breath-taking. My tip: get to The Broad at a decently early hour to enter your name in the queue, see the upstairs exhibit and at the end of your trip, ask kindly to enter the line early. No winking necessary 😉

Hope your October is already off to a great start…please send fall weather to LA!

life lately, laundry list style

Happy Friday! I’m up early and heading to model (this is becoming a trend) for a fun Studio DIY project- if you don’t follow her look her Instagram, she always brightens my day.

Any who, ever since returning from Scotland (I got back exactly a month ago (sayyyy what??!), I’ve been on the go- read, there’s always something going on/ never a dull moment/ pencil me in for that event! You get the picture. So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately, laundry list style:

life Lately:

  • Back in acting class
  • “Modeling” for ModJewel (use code MYFIRSTMOD for 10% off!!)
  • Auditions–yay!!!
  • Create and Cultivate POP UP in Beverly Hills for a dose of inspriation and boss ass ladies.
  • The Taste of LA with @missfoodieproblems AKA eating and drinking all the food on the backlot of Paramount.
  • I’m in a play! It’s about one-night-stands, and actually closes tonight, but I’ve had a blast being back on stage.
  • There was a baking night, and I made a silly Instagram story to go along with it. Raw cookie dough was consumed.
  • No notifications- well almost. While I was in Scotland I turned off ALL the notifications on my phone, and since returning I’ve only turned on texts and phone calls. It’s so refreshing and I feel like I’m checking my phone a lot less.
  • Hi Fall!! Yesterday marked the first official day of Autumn, and, yes, this is a weirdly placed point, but in my stream of consciousness. I want LA to get about 15 degrees colder- can you do that Mother Nature??
  • Taking a few minutes to daily (errrr almost every day) to “meditate”, aka lighting these candles and journaling. The power of positive thinking works wonders.
  • COLLEGE FRIENDS VISIT!! (post to come about “things to do in LA with out-of-towners”) And we went all around town naturally, and ate VERY well.
  • Taking solo hikes sans music. It’s great for the soul.
  • Watch Sophie’s dog, realize I cannot/am not ready for my own dog. It’s like having a child. NOT READY.
  • Attending birthdays, late night karaoke and an Emmy’s party…. and the very unwelcome hangovers associated. Usually cured by a donut.
  • AND then in between life happening, I’m mad at myself because I didn’t make a wine video this Wednesday. Trying to let that one go, as there are only so many hours in the day.
  • I recently bought this GIANT DESK CALENDAR in attempts to plan my life/blog content out in a more organized fashion. I’m becoming my mother, and totally ok with that. She’s the best.
  • Planning on a couple trips these next few month and eyeing Northern California, New York (again I know!) and Austin for the BBQ and Tex-Mex.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. If you’re in the Midwest slash on the East Coast eat an apple cider donut for me. Thanks (they realllly need to get on that trend in LA!)

wine wednesday: the emmy spritz

Batched cocktails are the best for parties. Period. Especially this one; it takes all of 30 seconds to prepare, which means more time with your friends/time spent in front of the cheese plate.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend and the Emmys. Cheers!

the ’emmy’ spritz (makes 6)

  • one bottle sparkling wine
  • one can LaCroix/ sparkling water
  • 4oz St. Germain/elderflower liqueur
  • lemon twist to garnish (optional)

Combine all ingredients (pre-chilled) in a large pitcher or bowl. Leave out glasses for guests to make their own glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

whisk(e)y wednesday

I AM GOING TO SCOTLAND IN TWO WEEKS! Apologizes for the “internet shouting that is all-caps” but I could not be more thrilled. Not only will I traveling all over the country, but it’s for a job I booked: #workhardplayhard(er)

During my trip I will be posting, so stay tuned for travel posts filled with loads of green pictures and tartan. And, you can easily follow along daily on instagram using the hashtag #scottishfrecklegirl

Back to the booze! In honor of Scotch aka “Scotch Whisky” I thought it important to share some whisky facts.  It’s definitely an acquired taste, but like wine, depending on the barreling and grains used, whisky has a variety of flavors and aromas making it a diverse and fun spirit. Plus it warms ya up real quick.


What is Whisky? Simply, it’s a spirit made from distilled grain.

Why the variety in taste?  Distillation method, grain(s) used, additives to the grain mash and choice of aging barrel/cask and aging are all factors that produce its unique flavor.

Whisky or Whiskey? The Scots spell it “whisky” and the Irish spell it “whiskey”. Seeing as the Irish brought it over to America first, most American labels have the “e”. But both are correct!

Is Bourbon Whisky? Yes! All bourbon is whisky, but not all whisky is bourbon. To be a true bourbon, it must be made in Bourbon County, KT. It’s that whole “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square” idea.

Why is Scotch Whisky so “peaty”? Scotch gets a reputation of being an intense smoky-peaty-bearded-man-in-a-glass drink. A popular Scotch, Laphroig, may be to blame for its very peaty quality. That being said, the different regions of the country produce different flavors. Now, I don’t want to get into a “terroir” discussion (I’ll save that for another Wine Wednesday post) but in general, Highland Scotches are more “heather and honey OR full bodied”, Lowland Scotches are more “light bodied”, Speyside Scotches are more “complex with sweet aromas” and Islay Scotches are the “smokiest” sort.

Any must-dos/drink/sees while I’m abroad? Let me know!!

P.S. my favorite Scotch is Dalwhinne

wine wednesday: sweetbitter picks

Having just finished the book Sweetbitter, I thought it fitting to tie this week’s episode in with the novel.  Based on the narrator’s first time working in fine-dining, I related all to much to her story. From the “family” aspect a restaurant provides, to having one too many after your allotted shift drink, Danler struck a chord with my life. Not to mention her beautiful language describing all of the tastes, smells and words exchanged in a restaurant.

Here are my two recommendations:

DRY SHERRY: various approx $20 per bottle

Look for either fino or manzanilla sherry. Both styles are dry, crisp and have a nice saline quality. Perfect for before or after dinner. Serve chilled.

ROSE CREMENT: La Perle approx $26

A sparkling rose made from Pinot Noir grapes, this crement will always be one of my favorites, especially for its nostalgia…thank god I’ve moved on from being nostalgic about Busch Light (hi high school…well I’d still drink one for old times sake!) Serve chilled.

Has a book ever made you want a certain kind of drink or food? Let me know!!